Terms & Conditions

We Abide By The Rules

Refund Policy

1. This refund policy applies only to projects within 15 days after the work is delivered.

2. If the client returns the work after 15 days for quality issues, the client shall incur a 30% charge for proofreading and 50% for rework. The 30% & 50% is computed based on page count or file length.

3. The refund policy is applicable only for category A (Excellent) and B (Good) quality of the document.

4. Before we process a refund, we will conduct a proofreading review if there issues raised on quality.

5. The request shall be processed once there are grounds for errors on quality and breach of standards. We will secure a revised copy from the client.

6. This policy is not applicable for hand written documents/ poor legibility or print quality of documents and Rush orders.

7. We do not guarantee accuracy for Rush orders and poor quality files. We also reserve the right to refuse rework requests under these conditions.

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